Anemones & Corals

All anemones and corals fall into the group known as Anthozoa, individual animals called a polyps form the basis of all Anthozoa. Polyps can be solitary as with most anemones and cup corals, or they can live as a colony like the soft corals and sea fans or the more commonly recognizable tropical hard corals which form reef systems.

Most people are far more familiar with the idea of tropical corals and reefs, and do not associate temperate British waters with such amazing colourful creatures, yet we have an abundance of them, often very close to shore. Indeed, anyone who has ever spent time on a rocky shore will be familiar with anemones such as the Beadlet, Strawberry or snakelocks anemones that are common place in the intertidal zone and widespread throughout the UK. In great depths other anemones and corals thrive on rocky reefs, sandy sediment and subtidal pinnicles.

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