Around Lundy there are suitable habitats for a wide variety of fish species to thrive, with mackerel, pollack, and bass being the most commonly caught species.

While there are several accessible places to fish from the shore around the west coast and north end of Lundy, fishing from the Landing bay in the south east is recommended.  In addition to this, several local boat charters take fishing trips out around the island throughout the summer.  These are private charters organised independently of Lundy. 

Fishing restrictions within the MCZ are illustrated by the Lundy MCZ zoning scheme, and accompanied by the island's Marine Code of Conduct.  This ensures that vulnerable species and habitats remain undisturbed and it is important that you familiarise yourself with these if you plan to fish during your visit.  Particular attention should be paid to the boundaries of the NTZ where it is illegal to fish.

We also request that anglers respect minimum catch size of different species on Lundy.  The National Federation of Sea Anglers (NFSA) provide Recommended Retention Size Limits (RRSL) for the majority of fish likely to be caught in UK waters.  An RRSL is a suggested size for a fish below which it should returned to the sea. All fish are to be measured from the tip of the snout to the end of the tail fin, except Skates and Rays which are to be measured wing tip to wing tip.     When shore fishing from the jetty and for your reference, there is a metal one metre ruler on the Jetty for you to measure your catch, which should be returned to the sea unharmed if undersize.

  • Pollack Pollachius pollachius © Paul Kay
  • John Dory © Keith Hiscock
  • Pollack © Keith Hiscock

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