Marine life found off the east and west coasts have very different physical conditions to contend with due to differences in wave exposure on either side of the island. Exposure influences species diversity, as different marine animals and plants are adapted to living in different conditions. The numerous species which are found around Lundy reflects this varied exposure of the coastline around the island.

  • Red Fingers © Keith Hiscock

The scenery found below the waves is just as dramatic as that which we see on land. Here too, it is possible to find cliffs, valleys and canyons as well as rock pinnacles, gullies, boulder slopes, and even plains of mud, sand and gravel.

This unusual variety of submarine ‘seascapes’ can all be found close to the island under the water surrounding it.

These varied seabeds support a tremendous diversity of plant and animal life. Different parts of the seabed forming natural homes to plants and animals are known as habitats.

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