Exploring Lundy by kayak is a thrilling experience. On a calm day while paddling alongside the strikingly tall granite cliffs which tower above, the sense of presence that the island commands is awe inspiring. From this wholly unique perspective one gets a sense of new discovery when creeping stealthily into a sheltered bay or entering the approach to a large sea cave and it is possible to see why kayaking is such a favoured pastime for visitors to Lundy.

  • © Stuart Leavy
  • Rat Island © Mike Deaton

Quietly sharing the water with the wildlife that frequents the sea around the island, it is possible to blend in somewhat with the surroundings.  It is not uncommon to be approached by a group of rafting auks or a curious seal which have come to scrutinise the visitor to their waters before moving on their way. 

Like any other location it is the weather which plays the deciding role when planning to kayak around the island.  The weather and sea conditions can change quickly at Lundy and it is always advisable to become familiar with the local forecast during your visit.  Equally, the effect of the tides can prove challenging if misjudged.  There are fast flowing tidal races at either end of the island which should be entered only when conditions are favourable and calm.   There are tidal flow charts of Lundy which will help you plan your excursion in the right tidal conditions.

If you are visiting the island and want to bring your kayak aboard the passenger ship MS Oldenburg you can arrange this through the Lundy Shore Office on telephone 01271 863636.

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