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Lundy Splash-IN 2010

The second annual underwater photography competition, The Lundy Splash-IN, took place over the weekend of 12-13 June. The competition asked divers to capture the wide variety of marine life around Lundy, Britain’s first Marine Conservation Zone.

The stunning images show sea fans, scallops, crayfish and what looks like a cross-eyed Blenny. “With great visibility, incredible images, generous prizes and an evening of live music in the Tavern, our second Splash-IN was a great success. This competition is a great way to showcase the stunning variety of marine life that live in the waters around Lundy, and it also highlights what a magical destination it is for divers. Anyone who visits Lundy for a weekend, or longer, can go diving or snorkelling and witness our amazing marine wildlife and vibrant habitats firsthand.”

The event registration opened at 8am on Saturday 12th June. Those divers who had arrived on Lundy the previous day had a leisurely start, with breakfast in the Tavern and a casual stroll down to the beach to sign up for the competition. Others who had chosen to make the 21 mile crossing on the day had an early start and some fresh North Easterly winds to contend with, adding to their adventure.

After a full days diving all the competitors gathered in the Tavern by 6pm, with a well deserved pint in hand as they set about reviewing their images and choosing their best pictures. The submission deadline was 9pm and once the pictures had been received all that was left to do was relax in the late evening sun and join the festivities.

Island visitors, divers and staff all came together to enjoy a Lundy Lamb roast that the island farmer had been slow roasting over a spit for several hours and a musical treat awaited. The Mandibles had come across to the island especially for the event and entertained us with jazz, swing and rhythm beats that got the whole audience foot tapping and dancing into the early hours.

Sunday began with a flurry of breakfast in the Tavern, a full English seemed to be the firm favourite, and everyone seemed to be in a state of elation from the previous day's activities, although there was a slight air of trepidation amongst the competitors as we prepared for the mornings slideshow and competition judging.

The judging was open to all visitors and as 10:30 approached the Tavern began to fill with people, eager to see the results of the photographic frenzy. Sixty people attended to cast their votes for first, second & third prize in the three categories.

Once again we had received some amazing images, a tribute to the photographers themselves and also the stunning diversity of marine life that can be found around Lundy! There was much ooh’ing an ahh’ing as the images scrolled before the audience.

The images were certainly deserving of the fantastic prize fund of over £2500, thanks to the amazing generosity of our sponsors, all of whom deserve a special thank-you for their continued support!

With the votes cast the winners were announced, and representatives from Cameras Underwater chose the overall winner - Mark Lavington, with his image ‘Into the Deep’


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