Beadlet Anemone

Possibly the most familiar sight in rockpools everywhere, the beadlet anemone is present on virtually every shore around Lundy.

When tide is in and the anemone submerged, this carnivorous animal can be seen waving its stinging tentacles to catch food.  When disturbed or as the tide recedes the tentacles retract inside the anemone and leave it looking like an innocuous blob of jelly attached to the rock.  This helps protect the animal from drying out before the tide returns.  Anemones attach to rock surfaces with a basal sucker or  burrow themselves into softer substrata and due to their tolerance of temperature fluctuations can be found on exposed and sheltered situations.  The animal reproduces by brooding its eggs and young inside its body and ejecting juveniles through its mouth - and is a function which is perfomed by both the male and female.

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