Yellow Anemone

These anemones are very delicate and grow in large numbers together.

They are a bright, deep yellow and typically grow to about 2 cm high. As their name suggests, these anemones grow in small dense colonies, unlike other more solitary species of anemone. This may be due to better defence from predators by living in dense numbers. They are typically found on the sides of underwater walls and large boulders present on the rocky seabed. This is another of the southern, warmer water species that is near its northern-most limits at Lundy. As with the other warm water species found at Lundy, marine biologists believe that currents arriving from the Mediterranean helped the colonial anemones arrive at the island. The larvae would have been carried in the upper surface of the sea (planktonic larvae) and then settled as the warm water current fades away in the area of Lundy. Although colonial these anemones still have stinging cells on their tentacles in the same manner as solitary anemones.

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