Common Dolphin

The common dolphin Delphinus delphis is beautifully marked however this varies considerably.

Growing to about 2.5 metres in length it has attractive 'figure of eight' markings along its flanks which are often a light creamy colour.  This coupled with a long narrow beak and upright triangular dorsal fin make it easy to identify it at close range.  Often seen in large groups they are sociable, highly active cetaceans capable of acrobatic leaps from the water.  They are usually attracted to boat's, it is often people's first sighting of a dolphin on board MS Oldenburg as the dolphin follows in the boats wake or rides the bow wave.  The common dolphin is a fish eater and feeds far out to sea where they prey on squid and small fish.  Adults give birth every few years and a female will produce only around five calves her their lifetime.

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