Edible Crab

One of the commonest crabs found around Lundy, it has a distinctive pink-brown colour with a ‘pie-crust’ edge to the shell and black-tipped pincers.

Brown crabs are the species which most of us associate when thinking of crab sandwiches. The edible crab fishery is one of the oldest known to the British Isles. As such, potting for crabs is allowed as a sustainable activity around part of the Marine Conservation Zone) but is prohibited in a No Take Zone (NTZ) which covers just over 3 km2 on the east of the MCZ. The NTZ keeps the fishing activity away from the delicate species of sponges, cup-corals, Ross corals and colonial soft corals. These species are easily damaged by the abrasion caused by the raising and lowering of crab and lobster pots. Like humans these crabs are omnivorous, feeding on both plants and animals. During daylight cracks and crevices provide safety from predators such as wrasse, cuttlefish and seals. Brown crabs are easier to see at night, when they leave their hideouts and forage about on the seabed. They are easy to spot at night-time because their eyes light up pink in torchlight!

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