10th Birthday for our No Take Zone 11/02/2013

Today (Monday 11 February 2013) marks ten years of enhanced protection for England’s first No-Take Zone (NTZ) on the east side of Lundy Island.

The designation means that for the last ten years no living natural resources, such as lobsters, crabs, fish and scallops, may be taken from the area. Protection of the NTZ was originally set up following an agreement with local fishermen and it is now enforced through a fisheries byelaw.

The area was already protected as a part of marine nature reserve, and has been an opportunity to see the effects of allowing the system to function as naturally as possible. So far, the numbers of lobster and crab have increased seven-fold which has improved stocks outside of the NTZ creating benefits for local fisheries.

It will be interesting to see what the future benefits of the NTZ will be.

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